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Did you plan that?

We all know there is no such thing as “too much money” or “a girl too pretty”, but what if someone asked you was there such a thing as too much planning? Depending on your gender, you will probably answer this question drastically different than your counter sex.

I know most women are wondering how could you ever over plan something, but it’s possible. From a male’s perspective, women plan entirely too much and only set themselves up for heartache when their master schemes falls short.

For example: Men never have a clue on how we think a date is going to turn out. We just go! Does this mean we aren’t dating to find a potential match? No! It means we realize this is a first date, and we must meet someone first before we can plan the wedding.

Girls, you can’t set expectations for someone you just meet. If you already see yourself falling for a guy after a week, how painful will it be when you find out he would rather just date your best friend?

If you spend all your time planning and building an image of how every step of life should be there will be no room for spontaneous moments and the ability to be surprised. The only reason anyone ever gets their feelings hurt is because something didn’t go as they planned.

Of course, this does not apply to every part of life. Yes, you must plan to wash clothes, take a shower, or get up at a certain time. I get it! Just make sure that you don’t spend so much time planning a future you begin to ignore your present.


Valentine Day Anticipation

Most guys are out doing last minute shopping for valentine’s day, but what are women doing today?

This is a question I can’t rightfully answer, but if I could use one word to describe what women are doing today it would be anticipating! Wondering if their partner, the one they hold little expectations for 364 days of the year, will suddenly turn into John Mayer and serenade their day away.

Both genders should just calm down on valentine’s day.

Ladies, we are smart enough to remember valentine’s day is tomorrow and we have to plan something special. Stop turning hairs grey from wondering what big surprise your heart throb is planning. If  he ends up considering Arby’s as a suitable restaurant to celebrate your love, at least you realize you made a terrible choice with that one.

Men, while your shopping tonight, remember that it’s partially our fault we still celebrate valentine’s day. If we weren’t so lazy there wouldn’t be a whole day dedicated to showering our women just because the calender reads 2/14.

(Also, never wish for a man’s holiday. We would have to pay for that too!)

Top 5 Reasons Women Love to Text


Top 5 Reasons Women Love to Text

5. Conversations never have to end. Ever!

4.Who wouldn’t feel great when they have 14 messages in their inbox.

3. Text are not phone calls. They do not have ignore buttons.(Unfortunately)

2. They can enjoy sweet talk without having to hear a man stutter the whole time.

1. Black Mail!

Ex. Any girl who refers back to her inbox to directly quote what was said in an argument two months ago.


Chivalry is a word most men ignore, but women embrace the concept even though this attribute has disappeared. Have you ever wondered who is to blame for killing chivalry?

Most people will insist men are to blame for ending the code, but we are not the only party at fault here.  Yes, men should take more initiative to flatter the women in their lives and provide a sense of security, but relationships are a two-way street.

The movement for women to become independent has effected chivalry in our century. Women no longer wait to have a door opened for them, but insist on opening it for themselves. Many teenage girls do not realize a man is suppose to open doors or slide their chair out at dinner. The push for women to be independent has decreased chivalry in relationships, but can be restored. All you have to do is ask. No man would get upset if he were told ” I like it when you open my door”.

You can’t always tell someone to do something and expect them to do it. Most individuals hate being told what to do.The tip is to re-word your demands into encouragements.

Men do what they think women like, not what women tell them to do!

I Would Love to go Grocery Shopping, Honey!

The first question I will attempt to answer is why men never want to go grocery shopping. It’s not like we have something against grocery stores or shopping, but it doesn’t mean we want to go shopping either. The main problem is what time women decide to go shopping. Saturday and Sundays are terrible shopping days for men. The last thing a man wants is to be pulled away from his T.V. the only day he can watch a game. That’s crazy!

Ladies, if you want a man to go shopping you have to give him some kind of incentive to spend all his money and stare at groceries for the next three hours of his life. Although this sounds impossible it can be achieved. You just have to be creative. Most men will act tough, but will cave in for almost any bribe these days. Tell your man you will buy him a candy bar or a six-pack of his favorite beers and he will be in the car rushing you to hurry up!

Men are no different than women. We all crave attention, whether it’s a love letter or our favorite chocolate, but the trick is finding out what attention works.

The Key to Understanding a Man

Women have struggled for many years to understand how men think. Some have given up the fight, seeing it as too large of a feat. Others have chalked it up to men are just plain dumb, but that is not the case. Men are simply misunderstood.

So, I have decided to provide men the appropriate voice to finally explain ourselves to our beautiful counterparts. This blog will feature daily insight and tips for women to manage the minds of men. I will answer the questions that continually stump women and creates those unwanted relationship problems. Keep in mind, this blog will discuss sensitive topics for women(shopping, pictures, etc.) and may be painfully truthful at times.

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